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Style Services: In Your Home

FROM OUR CLIENT: "Troy has worked with us for over a decade, and he’s currently working with me to redesign several living spaces in my home. I had ideas for the spaces, but was not able to cohesively pull it all together. Troy has helped me realize my vision! He is exceedingly creative and professional, and there’s no one with a better eye for detail. Troy intuitively knows how to make a space feel right. I highly recommend Troy Joseph Interiors to anyone thinking about enhancing their home."  Christine Paoletta

Sometimes you just need to freshen things up. Our design Style service is a simplified form of using a designer. It doesn't always require a full out redesign. If you want to refresh a room or office, and need help choosing the right color for your walls or want to put the finishing touches on a space and just need someone to assist and guide you through the decisions, Troy’s Style Service is perfect for you.

Celebrate what you have by allowing Troy to rearrange your room and transform the space into something you never imagined could feel so right. Yes, with Troy it can be that simple!

Here are some of the design challenges we can help with when you use our Style Services.

  • Picking the perfect paint color, fabrics and finishes
  • Transformational room re-arrangement 
  • Sourcing new artwork and accessories
  • Selecting furniture and fixtures

  • Perfect placement and expert hanging of artwork, family photo walls and art collections
  • We started out in 1997 as a fine art services business and specialize in a variety of art related services including art restoration, conservation, art placement and installation. Troy is a master of handling all levels of fine art and our art placement and installation services are second to none.