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Complete Interiors: Design Projects 

FROM OUR CLIENT:  "I have known Troy for many years and he has done exceptional work for my husband and I with our art work. When it came to a remodeling project, I was thrilled that Troy moved into this space of work! His attention to detail, seeing what the space could be, understanding the light in the room and most of all listening to us made it very easy to ask him to work with us. His network of resources were great and I trusted everyone he recommended. He is a thoughtful and insightful individual who keeps focused and has the patience to get through the decision making. He got us to a better place."  

Patricia Keltos-Kelly

Troy Joseph Interiors is known for creating beautifully refined living spaces that reflect your personal taste and lifestyle. Troy has a unique way of helping you look at your space and defining your vision of the perfect living space. From concept and design to interior decorating and renovation oversight when renovations are needed for a project. Troy’s calm confident approach and passion for making your space feel just right are the hallmarks of our design success. As experts, you can rely on Troy Joseph Interiors to seamlessly collaborate with architects, and skilled craftsmen when needed for your project.  With Troy’s laser eye for color, texture, form and flow, we meticulously handle all the finishing touches and every detail.

We know you’ll love the end result.

Here are some interior design projects we work on:

  • Assisting with furnishing a single room or an entire home
  • Designing a new den, living room, bathroom or kitchen you have been dreaming about
  • Developing a furniture layout for a home that you are moving to
  • Picking the perfect paint color, fabrics and finishes
  • Transformational room re-arrangement 
  • Perfect art placement and expert hanging of artwork
  • Designing family photo walls
  • Sourcing artwork and accessories 
  • Restoration Services