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"I have known Troy for many years and he has done exceptional work for my husband and I with our art work. When it came to a remodeling project, I was thrilled that Troy moved into this space of work! His attention to detail, seeing what the space could be, understanding the light in the room and most of all listening to us made it very easy to ask him to work with us. His network of resources were great and I trusted everyone he recommended. He is a thoughtful and insightful individual who keeps focused and has the patience to get through the decision making. He got us to a better place."  Patricia Keltos-Kelly

​​"Troy has worked with us for over a decade, and he’s currently working with me to redesign several living spaces in my home. I had ideas for the spaces, but was not able to cohesively pull it all together. Troy has helped me realize my vision! He is exceedingly creative and professional, and there’s no one with a better eye for detail. Troy intuitively knows how to make a space feel right. I highly recommend Troy Joseph Interiors to anyone thinking about enhancing their home."   Christine Paoletta

A Word ​From Our Clients... 

"We gave Troy our ideas of what we were looking to achieve in feel and functionality.  Troy Is a great listener and knows the right questions to ask. Together, Troy with the help of his team, was able to give us the highest results. He also suggested ways to improve the look, and the flow of the space. The project was done on schedule, day in and day out- and that gave us great confidence. Our home feels great in every way. "   The Peterson's 

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"Troy brought order out of chaos to my home while adding beauty every where you look.His taste is impeccable, his rates reasonable and his work is excellent".   John DiRocco